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Candid Conversations by Catersource & The Special Event

Feb 28, 2022

Social Media Abundance and the Entrepreneur Hero's Journey with Aleya Harris. Social Media: How to Use the 7 Abundance Keys to Turn Followers into Dollars. The Entrepreneur Hero's Journey: What's stopping you from reaching your business' happily ever after?

Feb 21, 2022

The Myth of "Partial" Wedding Planning with Renee Dalo. Why "partial" should not exist in your marketing. How to reduce the amount of "no" in your client conversations. Why establishing a clear and firm business philosophy is critical. 

Feb 15, 2022

How to Update Your Pricing with Sebastien David and Sylvain Gregoire! Coming out of the pandemic, does your business need a pricing overhaul? What method of pricing best fits your company? What options should you consider?

Feb 7, 2022

Infusing Your Business with CBD with Nettie Frank! Using a quality CBD is highly important. CBD is the healing part of the plant and not the “high”. We all have to make sure our body is physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the day. CBD does that.